Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Throwing some Fun into the Mix

Stressful. The only way I can describe the last few weeks.  It's been quite the balancing act trying to study, complete projects and labs, and still manage to find time to hit the gym.  I've had to sacrifice a few workouts lately, which just makes me all the more tired throughout the day.  Mix in a terrible sleeping schedule and lack of coffee, and you've got my last Tuesday morning, where I slept the last 20 minutes of my first class, the 15 minute break until my next class, and the first 10 minutes of that class.  Thankfully, they are in the same room.  I've been trying to ween off of coffee lately, as I don't want to be dependent on it, but who am I kidding?? Most mornings I need it just so I don't feel like an extra on the set of "The Walking Dead"..

Last week was particularly stressful, but it at least didn't start off that way.  I've been told I'm pretty lucky, as I get to enjoy more trips/concerts/sporting events than most people.  I'll admit I've experienced some serious luck (see lucking into face-value, lower-level seats for the Cowboys-Colts game at a bar in Columbus, OH the night before the game), but I manage to have a lot of connections and.. HA, nevermind, it's a lot of luck.  Sometimes it's just good to be lucky and I sure as hell don't take it for granted.  On Monday, my Dad and I scored tickets to the Celtics-Pacers game.. fo' free! He got them through some crazy connection at work where this woman's mother does marketing for the Pacers or something along those lines.  I didn't care, I was just thrilled to make it to the game.  I had given up on attending when my latest budget crisis hit, and I slipped into a recession of canned chicken and tuna.  Thank goodness for parental bail-outs.

Almost forgot to mention the best part: these seats were 4 rows behind the Pacers bench.  By far the best seats I've ever had to a professional sporting event.
 Considering we were in hostile territory, and the seats were a gift, we kept our cool and tried not to cheer too loudly.  Not a good idea to piss off the Pacers front office people sitting around us.  Being the competitive fan that I am, though, I couldn't help but return a chant to a fan yelling, "Reggie's better" (at Ray Allen) with "Ray's got a ring!"  Sorry, Pacers fans.  The coolest part about our seats was that it allowed us to walk over to Larry "Legend" Bird's seat and have him autograph our tickets.  I was ecstatic.  I know my father was pretty thrilled, as well, considering Larry is the reason he is a Celtics fan, which naturally rubbed off on me. 

Larry Bird, himself

Larry's autograph on my ticket!

Ray Allen!

Despite a loss by my Celtics (who have been playing sporadically since trading Kendrick Perkins, a trade I despised), I still had an awesome time.  Hard to not enjoy yourself from seats like that.

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