Saturday, March 5, 2011

A long plane ride ahead...

Thank God for technology.  Free wi-fi on our flight to Las Vegas is a blessing, or at least until my battery dies.  I've attempted to watch shows on Hulu, but I'm not much for watching a show with intermittent interruptions every 30 seconds.

The reality of our trip didn't really set in until we were on our way to the Indy airport this afternoon.  I guess I lost sight of it through the haze of my never-ending to-do list this week. (Two hyphenated words in a row, crazy.)  I'm happy to say that I didn't forget anything today; always a relief.

It was strange walking into the Indy airport today, having been there last only 2 months ago.  Usually my chances to fly somewhere are separated by many more months.  I'll take it, though! After making it through security, Dan and I immediately headed to the bar to start the trip off with a cold brew.


It definitely hit the spot

As we boarded our flight and pulled away from the concourse, it began to snow outside. Go figure.  Just another reason to be so excited about leaving.  I can deal with snow, don't get me wrong, but it's meteorological Spring now, let's cut that shit out. Anyways, that falling white stuff outside our plane meant that we needed to de-ice before take-off.  Immediately, I thought, "Fan-freakin-tastic. Wonder how long this is going to take."  To my surprise, it took only about 15 minutes.  It was somewhat neat to see, too.

Let the de-icing begin.

We finally took off about 45 minutes after our original departure time, which made us a little anxious about how much time we would have to get to our Vegas flight in a separate concourse.  Thankfully, after a quick stop to grab some trail mix and hit the restrooms, we walked up to our gate just as they made the first boarding call.  Cool with me, who likes layovers, anyway? Just our luck, though, that we would be blessed with the one baby on board being in the row behind us. I will give the baby credit, it wasn't crying.  In fact, it was laughing, which I found much more bearable than crying.. at least for the first 5 minutes.  Lucky for us, as soon as we took off the baby passed out.  Thank you, Lord.

And that brings us to right now.. 90 minutes into a 4.5 hour flight.  The plane is fairly quiet, aside from Dan's random spurts of laughter (thanks to South Park).  The free food is pretty sparse for such a long flight.  No thank you, sir, I will pass on your $8.00 tray of grapes and cheese.  I guess that is it for now.  Soon enough we will be in the desert, looking for strippers and cocaine.. OK, not really, I just couldn't pass that up after watching The Hangover while I packed today.

So, from a mile high in the air, I bid you good night.  If you need me, I will be at the nearest blackjack table.

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